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Founded in 2005, the Italian Language school "Sicilia" is the only school in Palermo which specialises in teaching the Italian language specifically to foreigners.

The school is also one of the few schools in Sicily that provides a Cultural Holiday experience in Palermo, in which our students enjoy a number of touristic, linguistic and social activities whilst learning the Italian language.

In this mode, our students find themselves fully immersed in Sicilian culture.

Our school reserves for our students all of the warmth and simplicity of our solar earth to learn the Italian language in a familiar environment while pleasantly enjoying the hours of lessons and the nearby beaches of blue water; all of which will make your study-holiday wonderful and memorable.

Your holiday won’t just be about the sea, nature, art and good food, but will also be a new way of learning and living the Italian and Sicilian culture.

We are accredited by the University of Siena, and is home to DITALS exams; certification for the teaching of Italian language for foreigners.

Our dedicated team is formed by mother tongue teachers who specialize in the teaching of Italian language for foreigners.

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