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Dienstag, 29 Juni 2021

Sicilia Italian language school invited to the restaurant by a former student!

On Tuesday June 29 in the evening the language school of Palermo was invited by Chris to the restaurant dal Pompiere in front of the Massimo theater.

All the students present and their teachers were able to taste good dishes of Italian cuisine in a very friendly moment. We are delighted to have been able to share this moment with our students we were able to get to know each other better and all this always in a good mood.

  The school would like to thank Chris again for inviting us to this restaurant and for allowing us to share this moment.

RESTAURANT OVERVIEW Trattoria Dal Pompiere 107,Via Bara all'Olivella - 90133 Palermo

A beautiful evening in a good restaurant in Palermo a stone's throw from the famous Theater Massimo, the time to get to know each other better is to be able to speak Italian in a different way. A friendly and fun moment to remember!

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