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Learn Italian in Italy with Us

"Sicilia" school organizes Italian language courses for foreigners in Palermo,Italy and also organizes cultural tours and study travels in Sicily. We politely invite you to learn Italian in Sicily with us.

what we offer

Italian language courses
Tours in Sicily
Stay in Sicily
Italian classes online
Sicily cooking classes

Learn to cook
like a siciliano
with our
sicily cooking classes.

The food, the wine, and the cooking make parties of the Italian culture but it is also a tradition of mixture.
We so focus our attention mainly on the spoken language in Italy, to put you in good conditions to face an ample variety of situations of communication of the daily life.
But also the language is the result of a culture and a tradition, a history, a lifestyle and places.
That's why our school proposes you  typical italy and sicily cooking classes.
You will learn how to prepare an exquisite complete meal using the many typical Sicilian products.

Cous Cous Sicily cooking classes

Sicily cooking class with sicilian mother or sicilian father.
You will learn to prepare a complete meal for the first course (pastas, risotto or soup), in the second course (the meat or the fish) and in accompaniment (the salad or vegetables). The price includes the dinner with mother / father and his/her family at their home.
1 hour a day - 3 days a week: 210 €

Pasta Sicily cooking classes

Sicily cooking class with a professional.
For those who want to learn a more professional and sophisticated cooking.
You will learn to prepare a complete meal for the first course (pastas, risotto or soup), in the second course (the meat or the fish) and in accompaniment (the salad or vegetables) and dessert
2:30 hour a day - 3 days a week : 275 €

Tours and free time - Sicilia Italian language school

We combine study with guided tours of Sicily that will make you discover the history and culture of this beautiful island.

Sicily  is not only the land of sun, sea, landscapes and gastronomy, Sicily is a living museum where one finds evident signs of ancient civilizations.
We combine study with guided tours of Sicily that will make you discover the history and culture of this beautiful island.
Our school offers a multitude of activities that are part of our leisure program. Each student, if desired, can take part: culinary and film evenings, visits to Greek-Roman archaeological sites, art galleries, boating, botanical excursions and guided tours in the villas, churches and museums in Palermo.
It is also possible to participate in wine tastings and visits to mills.
On weekends there is also the chance to visit Mount Etna, Taormina, Agrigento, Scopello, Zingaro, Erice, San Vito lo Capo and many other places in Sicily.
Our staff will assist you with the organization of your tours.

Our itineraries.

Palermo cathedral

The Arab-Norman inheritance of Palermo

The  Arabic- Norman  periods are two significant moments of the story of Palermo. Under the Arabic domination, Palermo was considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. So in this city you can discover the treasures of Palermo (Arabo-Norman).
Her heritage is a living testimony of the convergence of the western, architectural, ornamental and oriental traditions.

cappuccini catacombs palermo

Catacombs Cappuccini Palermo; villa of Orléans and visits Botanical garden

Palermitano Convent of Cappuccini is known all over the world for the uniqueness of his catacombs which contrary other similar places, they became a real and own attraction. Thhis place is introduced inside tourist routes and insert into the Grand Tour.
The characteristic of the  catacombs of Palermo  is the exhibation bodies mummified by the deaths of various periods. There are approximately 8000 bodies of men and women hung on walls and subdivided by social class, sex or job.
The route includes: visit of the Catacomb, Visits Villa Of Orléans, Visits botanical garden.

Massimo theater

Theater Massimo Palermo

The Teatro Massimo is situated in "via Vittorio Emanuele in Palermo" is one of the big theaters but not only in Italy but also in Europe.
The gallery of the theater is capable of containing up to 3 000 spectators, because it has get five floors.
For a long period the structure was abandoned, but now it is very lively and strong, Indeed it welcomes every year chorus works, musical, theater performances, ballets, shows of classic and contemporary dance, exhibitions and different activities of the culture for the city of Palermo.

markets of Palermo

The markets of Palermo

There are three historic market in Palermo: Vucciria, Capo and Ballaro, are characteristic places to be visited and to insert into the tourist routes.
Three markets of Palermo are moved closer by the same characteristic, they remained unchanged in time, and they appear in the eyes of the visitors modern and with the same atmosphere, the same flavors, the same colors as they offeredto Arabic marchants of X century.
But between horns, traffic jams and chaos of the city center, the department stores, these places seem anachronistic and they underline the immediate contrast between the new and the old, between the past and the present which lives in the heart of Palermo.

Duomo di Monreale

Monreale and Cloister - Departure of Palazzo Reale

The province of Palermo is situated at 15 minutes far from Monreale, there are one of the most beautiful churches of the island of Sicily. It was built in 1174 by commission of Guglielmo 2nd of Altavilla.
The Cathedral appears with an impressive facade and a portico at trifora and two big towers ; one of them, that on right, was transformed in a bell tower.
Beyond towers, the facade has bronze doors of a high value, and on of them was realizer in 1185 by Bonanno Pisano.

Extra activities.

Il Gattopardo

Literature activity - level: A2 .; B2.C1 (starting from two participants)

Some of the following texts will be read and commented:
texts of the twentieth century in prose and contemporary poetry: Pavese, Vittorini, Calvino, Pasolini, Sciascia, Tabucchi, Baricco, Umberto Eco, Montale, Quasimodo, Ungaretti;
Modern Italian literature: Svevo, Pirandello, Verga, Pascoli, D'Annunzio;
Arguments of culture and medieval society: the Divine Comedy by Dante, Machiavelli, Petrarca, Boccaccio and the Italian novel;
10 HOURS per Week, 2 HOURS IN THE AFTERNOON. Price: 160.00 euros.


Sicilian cooking activities all levels (starting from two participants)

History of Sicilian cuisine;
History of some renowned Sicilian dishes;
Reading and video projection of Sicilian recipes;
Street Food Palermo history and culture.
10 HOURS per Week, 2 HOURS IN THE AFTERNOON. Price: 160.00 euros.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving

Sicily is an Italian island the diet of which is autonomous but is the also the biggest island of the Mediterranean Sea Its water and one of the most crystalline.
The region matters a good many of incredible sites of dive and for better take advantage of your stay we also propose you a scuba diving.
For more adventure guaranteed an inspiration and a unique discovery of our waters as:
The dive in exotic aquatic life in the sea of Capogallo-Mondello, Sicily.
Plunged into the diversity of the Mediterranean Sea Sicily
Plunged to explore the archaeology of an antique Roman wreck of two marble thousand years.
The dive and the exploration of the submarine locations of the movie, "the Dark blue".
Price: 203 € weeks for the amateurs.
2 afternoons 40 minutes of dive.
Price: 135 € the week for the beginners
A session of the afternoon, inclusive equipment.

Our friend Sergey shot this video during his stay in Palermo: he made a very good work and we are very grateful for this gift.

accomodation in Palermo

Stay in Sicily, we help you to find the best accommodation.

For our students we offer different types of accommodation in Palermo, located near the school, in the heart of Palermo.
Self-contained apartments shared with max two people, independent apartments, b&bs and a wide range of hotels.
Our staff will help you find the most suitable option for you.
We also, independently from our Italian courses, offer accommodation by the sea, characteristic apartments, B&B’s, guest houses, and farm-stays in all areas of Sicily.

Stay in Sicily

Staying in the historic center of Palermo means living the authentic Mediterranean lifestyle.
It means immersing yourself in the local way of life.
Spend the morning at the sea basking in the heat of the sun and the afternoon walking in the streets of the historical city center, perhaps stopping to enjoy a ‘granita’.
It means letting the senses guide you to discover the smells and flavours of typical local products.
Try desserts such as ‘cannoli’ and culinary delights such as a delicious ‘arancina.
Staying in Sicily, an island where time still travels slowly, allows you the opportunity to enjoy the kindness and hospitality of the locals, and feel "Sicilian".
One of the most loved pastimes of the Mediterranean is to spend time with friends, chat in an outdoor bar or find yourself in a club on an evening.
All our accommodation in Palermo is located in the historic center, where you can experience the real ‘Palermitano’ lifestyle.
You will share the satisfaction of the same slow and relaxed rhythm of life, enjoying the beauty of a sunset or a glass of good local wine.
You will become an authentic resident of the South, rewarding yourself every day with small and wonderful pleasures.

Get in touch with us, we will find the best place to stay

get in touch with us
Stay in Sicily
Stay in Sicily
Stay in Sicily
Stay in Sicily
Italian language courses
Sicilia Italian language courses

Italian Language school "Sicilia"  offers Italian language courses for foreigners of all linguistic levels, from beginners to advanced who want to specialise their skills.
Our Italian language courses levels make reference to those of the Common European Framework: A1–A2; B1-B2; C1-Advanced.
The Italian language courses are suitable for all foreigners who want to learn Italian language in Palermo, Sicily, and deepen their knowledge in a different and unique way by staying on a Mediterranean island.
An unforgettable experience to improve your knowledge of Italian, expand vocabulary and understand the grammatical forms and structures which are presented and analysed in the order of their complexity and frequency of use.
Attention is focused mainly on the spoken language in Italian in order to put you in a position to deal with a wide variety of communicative situations daily.
Program and method of our Italian courses: The Communicative method is used to improve in the Four Language Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
The first day of the course begins with an entrance test which will determine your language level and the division of the various students into small groups of 2 to 10 participants.
All courses are held from Monday to Friday, generally in the morning, for individual courses there may be additional classes in the afternoon.
Booking fee: 15,00 € for every type of Italian course.

Italian Language school "Sicilia"  offers Italian language courses for foreigners of all linguistic levels, from beginners to advanced who want to specialise their skills.
Our levels make reference to those of the Common European Framework: A1–A2; B1-B2; C1-Advanced.
The Italian language courses are suitable for all foreigners who want to learn Italian language in Palermo, Sicily, and deepen their knowledge in a different and unique way by staying on a Mediterranean island.

Join us and learn italian in Sicily.

The price of the Italian language courses includes:

  • Written entrance test;
  • Didattic material for the duration of the lessons;
  • Accomodation service;
  • 1 tour or cineforum a week included in the program hours;
  • Certification of course participation.

Do you have any question?

Please contact us!

+39 338 39 23 621
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Group Italian Language Courses

For those who would like to learn Italian in the company of other international students. You can immediately start speaking without solely concentrating on the grammar.
These courses are available for all levels, from Beginners to Advance.

Course materials included:  notebook, pen and photocopies. Book on request: 22,00 €.

CourseDescriptionDurationPrice (Euro)
StarterCourse for beginners. The course takes place in 5 days, 2 hours a day.10 hours - 1 week110.00
IntermediateThe course takes place in 5 days, 4 hours a day.20 hours - 1 week210.00
AdvancedThe course takes place in 5 days, 5 hours a day.25 hours - 1 week253.00
Level A1The student is able to understand and use familiar expressions of everyday use and very common formulas to meet needs of a concrete nature.
He can present himself / herself and others and is able to ask questions about personal information and answer similar questions (the place where he lives, the people he knows, the things he owns).
It is able to interact in a simple way as long as the contact person speaks slowly and clearly and is willing to cooperate.
30 hours310.00
level A2The student is able to understand isolated phrases and expressions of frequent use in areas of immediate relevance (eg basic information about the person and family, purchases, local geography, work).
It can communicate in simple and routine activities that require only simple and direct information exchange on familiar and customary topics. It can describe in simple terms aspects of your own life and environment and elements that relate to immediate needs.
30 hours310.00
Level B1It is able to understand the essential points of plain language messages on familiar topics that normally address work, school, leisure, and so on.
If you hunt it in many situations that you can present traveling to a region where the language is spoken. How to produce simple and coherent texts on subjects that are familiar to him or are of interest to him.
He is able to describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes, ambitions, briefly expose reasons and give explanations on opinions and projects.
30 hours310.00
Level B2The student is able to understand the fundamental ideas of complex texts on both concrete and abstract topics, including technical discussions in their field of specialization. It is able to interact with relative looseness and spontaneity, so that interaction with a native speaker develops without excessive fatigue and tension.
How to produce clear and articulate texts on a wide range of topics and express an opinion on a topical topic, exposing the pros and cons of the different options.
30 hours310.00
Level C1The student is able to comprehend a wide range of complex and rather long texts, and it can also derive implicit meaning.
It is expressed spontaneously and spontaneously, without excessive effort to search for words. Use your language flexibly and effectively for social, academic, and professional purposes.
How to produce clear texts, well-structured and articulated on complex topics, showing how to control discursive structures, connective and cohesion mechanisms.
30 hours320.00
Level C2It can effortlessly comprehend practically everything you listen to or read. He can summarize information from different sources, both oral and written, by restructuring a coherent text of the arguments and the informative parts.
It is expressed spontaneously, in a very smooth and precise manner and makes distinctly subtle nuances of meaning even in somewhat complex situations.
30 hours320.00

Individual Italian Language Courses

CourseDescriptionDurationPrice (Euro)
One to OneIndividual lessons at each level. The student will be able to decide day and time and will always have the same teacher.minimum 10 hours18.00 Per hour
ALIS Pack SiciliaIndividual courses are recommended from level A2 onwards. It is a course for those seeking complete preparation up to level B2.80 hours1120.00
Combined course10 hours individual lessons + 10 hours group lessons20 hours290.00

Preparation for CILS examen

CILS, a certificate of Italian as a second language, measures and assesses the level of competence a student has reached in Italian language.
It is useful for those whose work and study put them in daily contact with Italy, or simply for those who wish to evaluate their competence in the Italian language.
Awarded by the prestigious Università per Stranieri di Siena, the certificate is legally recognized as an official certification of linguistic competence.
The Foreign Ministry, through various cultural institutions abroad, coordinates examination centers worldwide for those wishing to take the CILS exam.

Course materials included: notebook, pen and photocopies. Book on request: 28,00 €

CourseDurationPrice (Euro)
CILS A130 hours330.00
CILS A230 hours335.00
CILS 1-B130 hours335.00
CILS 2-B230 hours340.00
CILS 3-C130 hours345.00
CILS 4-C230 hours350.00

You can enjoy all the advantages of private italian classes online, in the comfort of your home.

Maybe you don’t have time to attend Italian Language Courses in your town, or simply there are not many native Italian speakers to practice with near where you live.
Maybe you want to learn at your own pace, in a customized way. You’d like to save money and time.
All you need is an Internet connection, and with one click, you are in the class.

How it works:

  • Download Skype Free
  • Search for Skype ID i.fiori.blu.di.sicilia.2
  • When you see my Skype account SICILIA ITALIAN LANGUAGE SCHOOL, click on it and my name will appear in your contacts list;
  • When I am available on line you can contact me.

  • Schedule your Italian lesson by e-mail at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
    Remember the  first one is free.
  • I call at specified time. Be waiting on Skype at your scheduled time, I will call you.
  • Quick chat via Skype: as soon as the connection is established you can talk and chat with me.
    Here you can both turn on your webcam if you want, but I prefer to teach without as it forces students to listen more carefully.

Open the virtual classroom with Skype and begin.
I will then call you via Skype and you can work with me with our ‘virtual classroom’ where you’ll see the teaching material for your lesson.
This is like a shared exercise book between the teacher and student where both parties can write all over it and upload pics and videos to help the learning process.
I aim to deliver a fun and effective way of learning italian online, and I have developed a special method in order to do so.
Initially I’ll have a chat with you to work out what level of Italian you have and where we should start. I’ll construct lesson plans based around our tested model, your preferred learning methods. and your interests.
Lesson notes + homework are emailed.
After your lesson I will send you a copy of the exercises and material used in your class as well as any conversations made via chat features and most importantly homework for your next lesson!

Lessons Content, Levels & Timetable.

I can arrange a detailed Topic for your Italian Lesson according to your level, basic, intermediate or advanced,and interest;
Preparation for Cils Exams: A1/A2-B1/B2-C1/C2;
We can arrange a specific timetable according to your availability during working hours-teaching in the evening and on the week-end is also possible.
Price for you Italian Lessons OnLine via Skype, “One to One Tuition”:

  • 1 lesson cost € 18,00 (60 minutes)
  • A package of 5 lessons cost € 85,00 (60 minutes)
  • 10 lessons cost € 165,00 (60 minutes)
Price for Cils Preparation:
  • 1 lesson cost € 22,00 (60 minutes)
  • A package of 5 lessons cost €110,00 (60 minutes)
  • 10 lessons cost € 200,00 (60 minutes)
Tel.0039 3383923621- email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why choose us?

We teach with heart

We carry out our activity moved by love for teaching and sharing. Every day we are in our classrooms to make our language known and to popularize our Italian culture, because we believe that through travel and experience you can become better and happier people.

We have teaching experience

The school has been active since 2005.

We have teaching experience

The city boasts a multimillennial story and played an important role in the Mediterranean and European affairs. The long history and the succession of numerous civilizations gave it a remarkable artistic and architectural heritage.


AEWB certification
Scuole Licet
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