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How do you say and what does it mean "andare" in italian?

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Wednesday, 23 March 2022

What does it mean "andare"? It means "to go". The verb "andare" is being used when we talk about moving towards an object or a person. It's being used with a preposition "da" for people, an example: vado dal medico - I go to the doctor. With a preposition "a" for places, an example: vado al cinema - I go to the cinema. We use it also to ask somebody how does she/he feel, an example: Come va? - What's up?

There are also other expressions like: ANDARE IN PORTO, literally: to go to the harbour - to achieve a success!

A little bit of grammar! 

io vado I go
tu vai you go
lei va, lui va he goes, she goes
noi andiamo we go
voi andate you go
loro vanno, essi vanno they go

io sono andato/a I went
tu sei andato/a you went
lui è andato, lei è andata he went, she went
noi siamo andati we went
voi siete andati you went
loro sono andati, essi sono andati they went

io andrò I will go
tu andrai you will go
lui andrà, lei andrà he will go, she will go
noi andremo we will go
voi andrete you will go
loro andranno, essi andranno they will go

And... Sicilia!

In sicilian dialect to say "go" we use a word "AMUNI". Here is an example:
Siciliano: amuni amuni ca scuro' !
Italiano: andiamo che sta facendo buio!
English: Let's go let's go, it's getting dark!


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