Italian language courses

The Italian Language school "Sicilia" offers Italian courses for foreigners of all linguistic levels, from very beginners to advanced learners wanting to specialise their skills.
Our levels make reference to those of the Common European Framework: A1–A2; B1-B2; C1-Advanced.
The Italian courses are suitable for all foreigners who want to learn the Italian language in Palermo, Sicily, and deepen their knowledge in a different and unique way by staying on a Mediterranean island.
An unforgettable experience to improve your knowledge of Italian, expand vocabulary and understand the grammatical forms and structures which are presented and analysed in the order of their complexity and frequency of use.
Attention is focused mainly on the spoken language in Italian in order to put you in a position to deal with a wide variety of communicative situations daily.
Program and method of our Italian courses: The Communicative method is used to improve in the Four Language Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
The first day of the course begins with an entrance test which will determine your language level and the division of the various students into small groups of 2 to 10 participants.
All courses are held from Monday to Friday, generally in the morning, for individual courses there may be additional classes in the afternoon.

Booking fee: 15,00 € for every type of Italian course.

The price of the Italian courses includes:

  • Written entrance test;
  • MDidattic material for the duration of the lessons;
  • Servizio di alloggio;
  • 1 free extra-curricular activity during the weekend;
  • Certification of course participation.
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