Sicilian language course

Sicilian Language Course

Discover sicilian language, art and culture.

To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything.  (Goethe)
Our Sicilian language course is aimed at all those who want to learn more about Sicilian culture and language, rediscovering their origins and a great culture expressed in literature, theater, music and art.

Sicily is the island of culture
During the centuries and the various historical periods, Sicily has been crossed and dominated by many peoples, among them the Phoenicians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs, the Normans who have greatly contributed to enrich its great artistic and cultural heritage.

It is a very interesting  course on "Sicilian"  in its various forms, to discover the history of his people and their way of life.
The course lasts 10 hours, open to foreign students but also Italian  and organized by those who know Sicily and love it in all its facets.

It is organized on different issues addressed in two hours for each lesson:

Sicilian customs and traditions

Still spoken today by the Sicilians through proverbs and idioms, which characterize our amusing and resolutive philosophy of life, for these reasons it remains unique and untranslatable for the Sicilians but able to enrich the vision of everyone's life in a simple and effective way; from all the forms of art present in Sicilian culture.

Sicilian language course

Sicilian Literature

From a literary point of view, Sicily boasts an extensive heritage: by the two Sicilian Nobel Prizes for literature,  Pirandello  and  Quasimodo,  to countless other Sicilian writers such Tomasi di Lampedusa, author of the famous “Il Gattopardo”, the Sicilian writers of the post-war  Sciascia  to  Camilleri,  author of the numerous stories of  “Commissario Montalbano”,  which has also become one of the most watched television series by Italian people.

Il Gattopardo

Theatre and the Teatro dei Pupi

One of the most typical Sicilian shows that is recognized by  UNESCO.
Moreover , the theater in Sicily boasts a timeless tradition, as demonstrated by the ancient theaters on the island like that of  Syracuse , where every year the Greek tragedies are seen by tourists from all over the world and the  Teatro Massimo,  considered the third in Europe.

Pupo siciliano

Sicilian music

Sicilian folk music is characterized by a strong passion transmitted not only by the voices and dialect but also by particular musical instruments and by the way in which the songs are not so much sung as narrated by the storytellers.

«Leonardo Sciascia has taught that Sicily is not one. There are many, perhaps infinite, that the continental, perhaps the Sicilian itself, offer and then hide in a game of mirrors
(Paolo Isotta, Corriere della Sera, March 4, 2008)

With this course you will know Sicily and the Sicilians as you have never known them and
how else you would not know them!!! Sicily is waiting for you.

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