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Your Italian language school in Palermo, Sicily.

Sicilia Italian language school staff
Sicilia Italian Language School in Palermo

Sicilia School was founded in 2005 and is the only Italian language school in Palermo which is specialized in teaching the Italian language to foreigners who are visiting Sicily.
We will help you to learn the Italian language and culture which will be a fantastic experience for you.
Our school is also one of the few Italian language schools in Sicily which offers you a cultural holiday in Palermo, where students can enjoy a number of touristic, linguistic and social activities while studying the Italian language.
This is a great opportunity to enjoy the Sicilian culture.

Our school offers our students a warm atmosphere so that they can easily learn the Italian language in a familiar environment. Moreover, the nearby beaches with the wonderful blue water will make your holiday even more memorable.
Your holiday won’t just be about the sea, nature, art and good food, but will also be a new way of learning and living the Italian and Sicilian culture.
We are accredited by the University of Siena. Our school is also a main seat of DITALS exams; certification for teaching Italian language to foreigners.
Our dedicated team is formed by native speakers who are specialized in teaching Italian language to foreigners.

What we do.

Italian Courses

We offer Italian language courses for foreigners of all linguistic levels, from beginners to advanced who want to specialise their skills 

Cultural Tours

We combine study with guided tours in Sicily that will make you discover the history and culture of this beautiful island

Meet our team.

Our teachers are all specialized in teaching the Italian language to foreigners as they all possess the necessary certifications.
In addition, our teachers are university graduates in their native Italian language.
Our team is able to give lessons for individuals as well as groups, so for all people who are interested in learning the Italian language during a study holiday in Palermo, Sicilia.

Our team, thanks to the help of our partners and local tour operators, can also organize your free time at the weekends and for the period of your stay with several activities (like excursions, special evenings, sport, cooking courses, boat trips etc.)

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