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About us

Your Italian language school in Palermo, Sicily

Sicilia School was founded in 2005 and is the only Italian language school in Palermo which is specialized in teaching the Italian language to foreigners who are visiting Sicily. We will help you to learn the Italian language and culture which will be a fantastic experience for you. Our school is also one of the few Italian language schools in Sicily which offers you a cultural holiday in Palermo, where students can enjoy a number of touristic, linguistic and social activities while studying the Italian language. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the Sicilian culture.

Our school offers our students a warm atmosphere so that they can easily learn the Italian language in a familiar environment. Moreover, the nearby beaches with the wonderful blue water will make your holiday even more memorable. Your holiday won’t just be about the sea, nature, art and good food, but will also be a new way of learning and living the Italian and Sicilian culture. We are accredited by the University of Siena. Our school is also a main seat of DITALS exams; certification for teaching Italian language to foreigners. Our dedicated team is formed by native speakers who are specialized in teaching Italian language to foreigners.

Why choose us?

3 buoni motivi per imparare l'italiano in Sicilia


We teach with heart

We carry out our activity moved by love for teaching and sharing. Every day we are in our classrooms to make our language known and to popularize our Italian culture, because we believe that through travel and experience you can become better and happier people.


We have teaching experience

The school has been active since 2005. Our experience refers to our studies, specializations and continuous updates, seminars, workshops on teaching Italian to foreigners.


Palermo is a living museum

The city boasts a multimillennial story and played an important role in the Mediterranean and European affairs. The long history and the succession of numerous civilizations gave it a remarkable artistic and architectural heritage.

It’s easy to be happy in Sicily. But it takes a biological adjustment more than a cultural one: you need to learn to live time in a Sicilian way.

Francine Prose

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