Palermo Capital of Culture 2018

Palermo is the Capital of Culture 2018 for its history and its presence, the expression of different European cultures that is in dialogue with the Arab world and also because it is the capital of the Middle East in the complex European culture.
The Capital of Culture 2018 Palermo is a mosaic city, where each mosaic stone is an expression of the different worlds. In its history it has always shown the DNA, the attitudine and the ability to build itself, as a place of cultural interfaces. Like a link city that has been aligned with intercultural processes.
This is demonstrated by their landscape, their language, their monuments, their food and their urban environment.
A symbol of such a situation is a tombstone Quadrilingue guarded in Palazzo della Zisa: a grave site from 1149, in Jewish, in Latin, in Greek, in Arabic, which integrates the various systems of world dating, the multi-ethnicity of the court of Roger II and shows respect for all religions and all peoples who lived in Sicily; it is also the coexistence of the cult of Saint Rosalia, the patron saint of the city.
In that regard, the city of Palermo is involved in endless cultural, artistic, gastronomic events, concerts and theatrical performances.
The events are organized every day with the full schedule as you can see from the link:

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