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Preparation for CILS examen

The CILS, certified Italian as a second language, measures and evaluates the level of competence that a student has achieved in the use of the Italian language. It is useful for those whose work or studies put them in daily contact with Italy, or simply for those who wish to evaluate their competence in the Italian language. It is a preparatory course for the CILS exam. The student reaches the appropriate preparation for the chosen level and will be ready to take the exam.

Course Duration Price (euro)
1 lesson 60 minutes

€ 22 + € 20 of booking fee

5 lessons 60 minutes

€ 110 + € 20 of booking fee

10 lessons 60 minutes

€ 200 + € 20 of booking fee



60-minute lesson via Skype

  • Package of 1 LESSON 60 minutes

    € 22 + € 20 of booking fee

  • Buy


5 lessons of 60 minutes via Skype

  • Package of 5 LESSONS of 60 minutes

    € 110 + € 20 of booking fee

  • Buy


10 lessons of 60 minutes via Skype

  • Package of 10 LESSONS of 60 minutes

    € 200 + € 20 of booking fee

  • Buy

How it works

  • Download Skype Free

    Search for Skype ID i.fiori.blu.di.sicilia.2 - When you see my Skype account SICILIA ITALIAN LANGUAGE SCHOOL, click on it and my name will appear in your contacts list - When I am available on line you can contact me.
  • Schedule your Italian lesson

    by e-mail at: - Remember the first one is free. - I call at specified time. Be waiting on Skype at your scheduled time, I will call you. - Quick chat via Skype: as soon as the connection is established you can talk and chat with me. - Here you can both turn on your webcam if you want, but I prefer to teach without as it forces students to listen more carefully.
  • Open the virtual classroom with Skype and begin.

    I will then call you via Skype and you can work with me with our ‘virtual classroom’ where you’ll see the teaching material for your lesson. This is like a shared exercise book between the teacher and student where both parties can write all over it and upload pics and videos to help the learning process. I aim to deliver a fun and effective way of learning italian online, and I have developed a special method in order to do so. Initially I’ll have a chat with you to work out what level of Italian you have and where we should start. I’ll construct lesson plans based around our tested model, your preferred learning methods. and your interests.

    Lesson notes + homework are emailed.

    After your lesson I will send you a copy of the exercises and material used in your class as well as any conversations made via chat features and most importantly homework for your next lesson!

It’s easy to be happy in Sicily. But it takes a biological adjustment more than a cultural one: you need to learn to live time in a Sicilian way.

Francine Prose

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