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  • Tours in Sicily

    We combine study with guided tours of Sicily that will make you discover the history and culture of this beautiful island

    Sicily is not only the land of sun, sea, landscapes and gastronomy, Sicily is a living museum where one finds evident signs of ancient civilizations. We combine study with guided tours of Sicily that will make you discover the history and culture of this beautiful island. Our school offers a multitude of activities that are part of our leisure program. Each student, if desired, can take part: culinary and film evenings, visits to Greek-Roman archaeological sites, art galleries, boating, botanical excursions and guided tours in the villas, churches and museums in Palermo. It is also possible to participate in wine tastings and visits to mills. On weekends there is also the chance to visit Mount Etna, Taormina, Agrigento, Scopello, Zingaro, Erice, San Vito lo Capo and many other places in Sicily. Our staff will assist you with the organization of your tours.

    Guided tours

Catacombs Cappuccini Palermo; villa of Orléans and visits Botanical garden

Palermitano Convent of Cappuccini is known all over the world for the uniqueness of his catacombs which contrary other similar places, they became a real and own attraction. Thhis place is introduced inside tourist routes and insert into the Grand Tour. The characteristic of the catacombs of Palermo is the exhibation bodies mummified by the deaths of various periods. There are approximately 8000 bodies of men and women hung on walls and subdivided by social class, sex or job. The route includes: visit of the Catacomb, Visits Villa Of Orléans, Visits botanical garden.

Catacombe dei Cappuccini di Palermo; villa d'Orléans e visite al giardino botanico

The markets of Palermo

There are three historic market in Palermo: Vucciria, Capo and Ballaro, are characteristic places to be visited and to insert into the tourist routes. Three markets of Palermo are moved closer by the same characteristic, they remained unchanged in time, and they appear in the eyes of the visitors modern and with the same atmosphere, the same flavors, the same colors as they offeredto Arabic marchants of X century. But between horns, traffic jams and chaos of the city center, the department stores, these places seem anachronistic and they underline the immediate contrast between the new and the old, between the past and the present which lives in the heart of Palermo.

I mercati di Palermo

The Arab-Norman inheritance of Palermo

The Arabic- Norman periods are two significant moments of the story of Palermo. Under the Arabic domination, Palermo was considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. So in this city you can discover the treasures of Palermo (Arabo-Norman). Her heritage is a living testimony of the convergence of the western, architectural, ornamental and oriental traditions.

L'eredità arabo-normanna di Palermo

Monreale and Cloister - Departure of Palazzo Reale

The province of Palermo is situated at 15 minutes far from Monreale, there are one of the most beautiful churches of the island of Sicily. It was built in 1174 by commission of Guglielmo 2nd of Altavilla. The Cathedral appears with an impressive facade and a portico at trifora and two big towers ; one of them, that on right, was transformed in a bell tower. Beyond towers, the facade has bronze doors of a high value, and on of them was realizer in 1185 by Bonanno Pisano.

Monreale e Cattedrale di Palermo. Palazzo reale

Theater Massimo Palermo

The Teatro Massimo is situated in "via Vittorio Emanuele in Palermo" is one of the big theaters but not only in Italy but also in Europe. The gallery of the theater is capable of containing up to 3 000 spectators, because it has get five floors. For a long period the structure was abandoned, but now it is very lively and strong, Indeed it welcomes every year chorus works, musical, theater performances, ballets, shows of classic and contemporary dance, exhibitions and different activities of the culture for the city of Palermo.

Teatro Massimo

Palermo Experience

  • Scuba diving

    Sicily is an Italian island the diet of which is autonomous but is the also the biggest island of the Mediterranean Sea Its water and one of the most crystalline. The region matters a good many of incredible sites of dive and for better take advantage of your stay we also propose you a scuba diving. For more adventure guaranteed an inspiration and a unique discovery of our waters as: The dive in exotic aquatic life in the sea of Capogallo-Mondello, Sicily.
    Plunged into the diversity of the Mediterranean Sea Sicily
    Plunged to explore the archaeology of an antique Roman wreck of two marble thousand years.
    The dive and the exploration of the submarine locations of the movie, "the Dark blue".

    Price: 203 € weeks for the amateurs, 2 afternoons 40 minutes of dive.
    Price: 135 € the week for the beginners, A session of the afternoon, inclusive equipment.

  • Sicilian cooking activities all levels (starting from two participants)

    History of Sicilian cuisine;
    History of some renowned Sicilian dishes;
    Reading and video projection of Sicilian recipes;
    Street Food Palermo history and culture.
    10 HOURS per Week, 2 HOURS IN THE AFTERNOON. Price: 160.00 euros.

  • Literature activity - level: A2 .; B2.C1 (starting from two participants)

    Some of the following texts will be read and commented:
    texts of the twentieth century in prose and contemporary poetry: Pavese, Vittorini, Calvino, Pasolini, Sciascia, Tabucchi, Baricco, Umberto Eco, Montale, Quasimodo, Ungaretti;
    Modern Italian literature: Svevo, Pirandello, Verga, Pascoli, D'Annunzio;
    Arguments of culture and medieval society: the Divine Comedy by Dante, Machiavelli, Petrarca, Boccaccio and the Italian novel;
    10 HOURS per Week, 2 HOURS IN THE AFTERNOON. Price: 160.00 euros.

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