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Viernes, 14 Mayo 2021

Every week the school reserves for you students a tour, a lesson on tour in the city with one of our teachers where you will visit the most beautiful places, museums and churches in the city of Palermo. Royal Palace, The roofs of the cathedral,a lot of churches like S.Salvatore.

It's better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.

In addition, tours with the school you can do tours of Palermo with a professional guide to see the district of della zisa, arobo-normanno. Or tours outside the city to see sites of archeology . We also offer guided tours with a professional in addition to those of the school

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La sicilianidad es algo extraordinario, el aspecto que amo más que Sicilia. Es una actitud humana, una forma de ser que se traduce en calidad, un valor típico de los sicilianos.

Luis Sepulveda

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