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École Sicilia organise des cours de langue italienne pour les étrangers en Italie, à Palerme et organise également des visites culturelles et d'étude de Voyage en Sicile.
Apprendre l'italien en Sicile avec nous.


Cours de Langue Italienne
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L'école de Italian Sicilia propose des cours de langue italienne pour étrangers pour tous les niveaux linguistiques, du débutant jusqu’aux

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Visites touristiques en Sicile et loisir
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Nous combinons étude avec des visites guidées qui vous feront découvrir la Sicile. La Sicile n’est pas

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Course d'italien en ligne
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Vous pouvez profiter de tous les avantages des cours privés dans le confort de votre maison. Peut-être

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Séjour en Sicile, nous vous aidons à trouver le meilleur hébergement. Nous proposons à nos étudiants des

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Cours de cuisine sicilienne
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Apprenez à cuisiner et à parler comme un italien. La nourriture, le vin, et la cuisine fais

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nous enseignons avec le cour
un enseignement d'EXPERIENCe
PALERMe, un MUSEe vivant


  • I completed 4 weeks of studying Italian here, and really enjoyed it. The teachers are very knowledgeable about linguistics and are great at their jobs! Thank you Georgia, Sylvia and Paola! My only criticism about this school is that there is only space for 2 classes. You are in the beginner class or the intermediate /advanced one. I was placed in the upper level, but it was too hard, so I went to the beginner class. I wish there had been something in between, but I did benefit from reviewing concepts previously learned.
  • Thank you for a very interesting week. The lessons helped me to improve my grammer skills. I recommend a minimum stay of two weeks and personally regret not to have done so. The rates are reasonable and are worth the price. I appreciated most the nice atmosphere in my class which of course depends on the people you meet. I personally was very lucky. Thank you very much Giorgia and the rest of the staff for helping me to do better speaking Italian 🤩
  • I visited Sicily Language School for an Italian course in summer 2018 (for one week). For me it was a really special experience, I learned a lot, the teachers were really friendly and there was a great atmosphere at school. The director Teresa cared for every student. :-) All in all, I'd never like to miss this fantastic time. That was why I started online lessons via Skype afterwards with Teresa. It is absolutely fantastic. Teresa always prepares interesting lessons in her virtual classroom. We practice different skills like reading, conversation, grammar, writing and so on. I have improved my Italian a lot since I have started. I can only recommend them. For that reason I'm going to come back to Sicily language School in summer this year and I'm really looking forward to this great experience again. Thanks a lot, Teresa!

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