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École Sicilia organise des cours de langue italienne pour les étrangers en Italie, à Palerme et organise également des visites culturelles et d'étude de Voyage en Sicile.
Apprendre l'italien en Sicile avec nous.


Cours de Langue Italienne
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L'école de Italian Sicilia propose des cours de langue italienne pour étrangers pour tous les niveaux linguistiques, du débutant jusqu’aux

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Visites touristiques en Sicile et loisir
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Nous combinons étude avec des visites guidées qui vous feront découvrir la Sicile. La Sicile n’est pas

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Course d'italien en ligne
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Vous pouvez profiter de tous les avantages des cours privés dans le confort de votre maison. Peut-être

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Séjour en Sicile, nous vous aidons à trouver le meilleur hébergement. Nous proposons à nos étudiants des

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Cours de cuisine sicilienne
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Apprenez à cuisiner et à parler comme un italien. La nourriture, le vin, et la cuisine fais

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    I am Italian American, my grandparents were from a small town near Palermo. I wanted to learn the Italian language well. I was in this school a month and I learned quickly. The teachers are all prepared and excellent. Everything is well organized during the lessons and the teaching methods used are the best I have known in other schools. excellent, the best. the structure of the school is adequate, all organized and with all the services, Wifi, water, coffee .. Every week the tour takes place in the city where one converses and becomes Role Play as well as having fun talking only in Italian. the manager is always kind and helpful. I recommend this school to everyone. I will return next year with my children. great prices!
  • Maria Guadalupe G.
    I love my experience with the school. The principal, Teresa, is sharp, she answered right away and was very clear with the information. I took a placement test online, which is very convenient, and they placed me accordingly. The courses are open, so the students can decide how many weeks or months they will study according to their possiblities. In my case, I was in Palermo for 4 days of vacation, and the school welcomed me with open arms. The payment was easy, once I got my PayPal going, very easy to do and no surprises, payment and numbers very clear and right on. I am an English teacher, and I noticed that the teachers were prepared for the classes, not only they are knowledge but they are very helpful and friendly and they have control of the class. They are excellent teachers and you can see that they love what they do. Something that I really liked is that the school rotates the teachers, so I had the chance to have classes with different teachers. Each one had her unique way; I found Federica real, natural and very clear and practical, like and arrow to the point, Giorgia challenged me in all the classes (which I loved) an alarm clock that wakes you up, and Silvia was honey and silk taking me through conversation; I met Paola and she was super nice and friendly, even though I didn't study with her, I felt she was present in the halls. What did we do? we studied the grammar points, but the focus was always to use the language. The teachers make sure everybody participates and benefit from each class. The teachers use the Communicative Approach and they have a nice touch to correct the students reminding us the rules briefly and allowing us to continue talking to enhance fluency. My individual classes were pure gold. I can't believe all the grammar points I checked in these 4 days, how much I spoke and how much I understood. Also, we read about relevant and topics, we analyzed vocabulary, did reading comprehension and practiced reading aloud. We watched a very interesting movie, I learned about Italy and about the world through my classmates. My classmates were great, very interesting people and committed with their education, very respectful and friendly. I couldn't stay for the group outdoor activity, but I bet they have fun. The principal was reachable at all times, and you can see her in her office on top of things. The teachers great, my classmates excellent, what else could I ask for? Si, certo!!!, I got my certificate! and a gift. Bathroom clean, toilet paper, internet, fotocopies, nice environment, coffee machine and food around the corner. ... e Basta!!! Io porto a Italia nel mio cuore adesso.
  • julian calderon
    I went to Sicily after a traumatic experience and had no idea of Italian besides whatever I understood from art books and movies. Not only I learn Italian enough to communicate, but l met great people, made friends and encounter talented teachers. Learning a language is about learning a rhythm, a culture, a way of seeing life. Languages make no logic sense, like life itself , and we better be able to learn from mistakes, laugh at it, and at ourselves. I was in a group in which some knew a lot more, and some less, if that were possible, than me, Honestly I never thought l will learn anything in 2 weeks except the basic to ask for groceries. I was nervous because I felt out of my level, but I decided to relax and learn what l could, who can learn a language in weeks or even months? Anyway the difference is made in how much you study when you get back home, like in any school. I took 4 hours a day and it was a lot. I would do 3 hours max next time. The material is good for adults, you will receive photocopies of books that serves de purpose of the lesson of the day, and those pages are more than enough for travelers and tourists in vacation looking to learn some Italian. If you want to learn proper Italian for school or university you might need to get private lessons or go to university I guess. If you are a traveller this is enough. Yes, I got a package deal for 2 weeks when I booked in advance. Others got other deals or regular price. I remember we discussed it among the students while having drinks, the difference was no much, and when you make the math the $$ that the teacher makes is ridiculously low. This is a small school in Sicily that cater to foreigns, so their market is very reduced and don't expect hundreds of students. Whatever they ask is worth the price as the teachers are formidable. My recommendation is to relax, be open to make friends while not expecting to make any. Go home and study the verbs the best you can. Talk in class, and make all the mistakes you don't allow yourself in life. Have fun and see yourself and others being the nerd, the timid, the rabble rouser or else while you learn. The spirit of the school is more about opening a door to a world than an academic setting. I honestly believe this is the best approach to any language and I speak four already. Good luck
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